Sunday, July 22, 2012

Audit the Fed

The enemies of free society seek to use the tools of the free society to destroy the free society.

This idea of structuring the capital system so that the capital system would become top heavy and collapse was the primary theme of Marx's Das Kapital.

Das Kapital was the single most influential economics text in history. Marx' Das Kapital lays the foundation for both Communism and CAPITALISM.

The term "capitalism" came in vogue after Das Kapital. Much of the thought about modern capitalism comes directly from Marx. and it is fundamentally flaw.

It is the most absurd thing EVER! We've let the enemies of the free society define our financial system. The result is that the financial system keeps collapsing and undermining our efforts as a free society.

It is pure idiocy.

It is cultural suicide.

Since antiquity the rogues of the world have known that the easiest way to destabilize an enemy is to debase their currency.

Conservative are such nimrods for their unwavering defense of Marx's distortions about how a financial system should work. It makes me want to scream.

The Federal Reserve, created in 1913, was produced by thoughts on how a ruling elite can control society through the manipulation of capital. The reserve attempts to control society through a fiat currency that it gradually devalues.

Since its inception, the Federal Reserve has devalued the currency about 99%. A 1913 penny had about the same purchasing power as a 2013 dollar. Add this to all the bankruptcy of our modern economy and the problem is much worse.

Fortunately, Ron Paul sees that the Federal Reserve magnifies business cycles. For the last several years, the good doctor has been calling for Congress to Audit the Fed.

According to Campaign for Liberty, the bill will hit the floor on July 24, and that it will need to get a 75% vote to pass.

It is worthwhile to contact your representative to ask that we audit the federal reserve.

The enemies of the free society seek to destroy the free society by debasing its currency. In response,  the defenders of the free society need to stand up and defend its currency.