Monday, September 26, 2011

Open Source Exchange

I did not get very far writing articles for the Utah Monetary Summit.

A twitter conversation reminded me about how much I dislike the University of Utah and I lost my appetite for writing.

Readers of this blog might remember a few years back I wrote about stock market reform. I suggest the best way to start a general discussion of market reform would be to launch an open source project to create a new exchange.

I called the project the Open Source Real Time Exchange.

Even if the exchange never became a reality, the act of creating a model would help spawn a discussion about market reform.

The second proposal I had for the Utah Monetary Summit was to launch an Open Source project to create an exchange for gold and silver.

Specifically I was interest in creating a project that developed an open source exchange for trading shares of precious metals stored in Nature's Vault.

Such a project would intrique young idealistic minds.

Imagine the excitement of working on a project that combined open source development, the protection of natural resources along with financial reform!!!!!

People would love the idea.

I've been treated like dirt by Utahans for so long, I simply cannot imagine any scenario in which I could communicate a very simple yet compelling idea.

The meeting starts in a few hours and I am sitting here unable to sleep and feeling like I am about to get sick.

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