Saturday, May 14, 2011

Extra Legal Economy and Coin Deals Gone South

Apparently, much of the current coin dealing in the US takes part in the "extra-legal" economy. This unfortunately state of affairs means that an interest in coin collecting can draw people into risky situations.

The Journal Star reports on a coin deals gone south in Nebraska.

In the first deal, a coin collector met someone at a coin show. They arranged a coin deal worth $27,000 and agreed to meet in the parking lot of a bar. The deal was a set up for a robbery.

In a second case, a coin dealer agreed to meet people in a city park and was attacked on arrival in the park.

These stories horrified me.

But, I am not sure if I was more freightened by the robbery than by the thought of people meeting strangers face to face to engage in a business transaction at a personal level.

Apparently, a primary reason for owning precious metal coins is to have something to barter if our system of fiat money ever went south, in which case we would have to return to direct transactions with each other.

Relearning the art of face to face transactions is probably a good thing.

For example, one thing we should learn about face to face trading is: Never accept the invitation to trade coins in the parking lot of a bar.

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