Friday, May 27, 2011

TV Coin Shows

I've watched several of the coin shows on cable TV.

Apparently when the used cars sales union finds a dealer who is sleazy beyond their lowest standards, they kick 'em out and dealer starts hawking absurdly overpriced coins on cable.

I hope no-one is falling for their overpriced cons.

BTW, if you are buying any item as an investment, you need to find a forum where people buy stuff back. Cable TV is the worst posible forum for any investment grade purchase because it is a one way medium.

A local coin club, coin shop or coin show would be best avenue for investment.

1 comment:

  1. It's incredible if even one person buys off these "vaults." I hope that as the potential buyer sees something that interests them, they have the internet readily available so that they can see the cost of doing business on the airwaves and how it adds abundant amounts. Airtime goes for over $10,000 / hr. You think that isn't added into the cost of doing business (on the buyer's end)? The thing I do like about the coin shows is that some of the background information is interesting. Also, it's fun to watch - the salesmen bobbing and weaving about inside the "ring of grammatical boxing."